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001 - Peter To: Practical Trader Improvement Exercises, The HFT Boogeyman, and Prop War Stories

October 23, 2019


My first guest is ex-proprietary day trader Peter To, who now trades independently. I first found Peter through the Chat With Traders podcast and his amazing blog which can be found at


In this podcast we talk about:


  • A recent study which asserts that consistent day trading profits are near-impossible.
  • Trading with "the world's worst prop firm" during Hurricane Sandy
  • Peter's thoughts on high-frequency trading's affect on the markets he trades
  • Why 1990s prop trading was the golden era of trading.
  • How traders can develop techniques outside of 'vanilla' technical trading strategies
  • Is shorting parabolic penny stocks a 'crowded trade?'
  • Modelling market behavior to refine your trading edge
  • How Twitter has become a digital prop desk
  • Updates on two trades Peter has blogged about


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